Company and environment are two inseperable elements. Mutual connections from both elements need to be maximize its potential. As a company that runs side by side along with good environment, we’ve got to give a healthy contribution to the environment so we can perfectly synced and create a life balance.

That perspective has become our responsibilty, and we will make it happen through PT KSP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is our commitment to improve the area along with the society and make CSR for Community Devopment as integral part in our way to run our business.

PT KSP CSR integrating our busniness and our company culture into the program that focused on society and environment. By using IKHLAS from our synergy value, it is our ethics to contribute to the environment because we aware and take it as our responsibility. The purpose of our contribution is not only to empowering society and environment but also make a huge scale development.

Through our CSR program, at least there’s four things that we focused on, which is: employee, society, headquarters, and environment. We will never stop to improve so we can achieved infinite growth of independent society.
Social & Religion



As an entity of business, our company fully aware about uncertainty in the future could affect our vision, mission, purpose also company targets. The uncertainty in the future got influence by many factors that comes from internal, even from the external of the company.

If it’s potentially give negative effect, it become the risk that we will manage effectively. So, it will not affect our growth and our business profits as a company. Any kind of our business efforts will always have risks. 

Therefore, our management risk method not only to dispose the risks, but also how we manage it in efficient and effective way. So it will never touch our vision, mission as a company.

RPM Roadmap Implementation

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