whistle blowing system

PT KSP Implements Whiste Blowing System (WBS) in accordance with Permen BUMN No.KEP-01/MBU/2011 on The Implementation of Good Corporate Governance in SOEs Article 27 and Regulation of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises No.PER-05/MBU/2006 on December 20, 2006, about The Audit Committee for SOEs. The Board of Commissioners can assign The Audit Committee to conduct a review of complaints related to SOEs.The system of reporting violations that occur in the work environment and involves the participation of all elements of the company in the reporting and disclosure process.WBS is part of the internal control system in preventing deviant and cheating practices and strengthening the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG).


Violations that can be reported through the Whistle Blowing System are as follows:
  1. Conflict of Interest.
  2. Fraud
  3. Fraud/Embezzlement.
  4. Fraud/Embezzlement.
  5. Violations in the Procurement Process of Goods and Services.
  6. Abuse of position/authority.
  7. Bribery/Gratification

Whistle Blowing System Method (Wsb) can be done through several media:

Company fully aware about rights, duty, authority and responsibility to adapt accountability principal based on internal system check and balance that covers all audit practice. It also limiting power between the directors that controls daily operational and commissioner that represent stakeholders. These are main things that shows company accountability:
  1. Pelaporan secara langsung (kotak dropbox WBS KSP)
  2. E-Mail: wbs@krakatauproperti.com
  3. Website krakatauproperti.com (menu Whistle Blowing System)

Each Report must be supported with evidence that can be accounted for.

Whistle Blowing System Complaint (WSB) should meet these elements:
WHAT, The act of deeds indicate violations WHERE, Where the act is done WHEN, When the act is done WHO, Who is involved in the act HOW, How the act is done (mode, manner, etc.)

Download Buku Panduan WBS KSP


The Company provides protection for Employees/Parties who submitted complaints via Whistle Blowing System.
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